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Pillar Candle Unscented 10x10cm

Light up your living space! Amalfi's Unscented Pillar Candles boast a classic cylindrical shape in a clean, white colour.

This candle has not had any fragrance added - perfect for sensitive noses and won't clash with other aromas in your home. 

Meditate on the delicate light to help clear your head and relax. Display it either naked, on a dish or in a candle holder. Perfect for your bedside table, desk, shelf, coffee table, or windowsill to create a tranquil retreat, or in your bathroom for a spa-like vibe. 


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Never leave unattended when lit. Keep out of reach of children/pets. Do not place near flammable materials or in draught. Trim wick to 6mm before lighting.

Burn Time: 

approx. 50 Hours


Parrafin Wax and lead-free, cotton wick


10cm Diameter x 10cm High


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