Linen Throw - Tilly

The Tilliy throw highlights the finest qualities of premium linen. This throw is un-dyed and naturally beautiful, with an amazing soft silky handle.

Crafted from the finest flax fibre, our St Alban linen throws are beautifully breathable, durable and cool in summer. Another St Albans product “Crafted for Life”.

  • Size: 130cm x 180cm


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Hand-wash in a tub filled with warm or cold water and a dash of ‘wool wash’ detergent. Immerse the product in water, gently moving it in the tub in order to soak up the detergent, then leave submerged for around 5 minutes.
Thoroughly rinse your product with cold water to remove all detergent from the fabric and then carefully remove the wet fabric (taking care not to wring dry) and place it over a line or clotheshorse.
NOTE: St Albans products are also Dry-Cleanable – just make sure you take them to a reputable cleaner who will care for them like they would their own. Also ensure they are aware of the symbol (capital P) on the tag.




130cm x 180cm 


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