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Flower Box Diffuser Refill

300mL Premium Diffuser Liquid

Premium Diffuser Refill can be used either to refill your Flower Box Home Fragrance vessel at the end of its fragrance journey OR to replenish your diffuser throughout its lifespan.

  • Available in four scents:
    • Amber OrchidOriental Orchid, Ginger Root, Heliotrope, Bergamot & Amber.
      Be allured by sophistication. Amber Orchid delivers the magnificence of an Oriental Orchid, the sharpness of Ginger Root and the syrupy earthiness of Amber – effortlessly tangled together by Bergamot and Heliotrope. A comforting fragrance to be used all year round.
    • Fresh LemongrassFresh Cut Lemongrass, Lime Zest, Lemon Peel, Jasmine & Rosewood.
      The unmistakable fragrances of Lemongrass and Lime Zest are here merged with fresh Lemon Peel over soft floral and Vanilla undertones. This revitalising fragrance will have you energised and feeling fresh.
    • Pear NoirFrench Butter Pear, Vanilla Beans, Soft Liquorice, Heliotrope & Black Musk.
      A twisted Pear composition. Smooth and satisfying, but with dark undertones; it's a marvel to experience this fragrance composed of Vanilla Beans, Heliotrope, palpable Pear and the surprisingly harmonious fusion of Soft Liquorice and Black Musk. Unisex in its smooth appeal.
    • Pink FlowersPink Jasmine, Cyclamen, Gardenia, Fir Needles & Pink Grapefruit.
      Pink Flowers is the epitome of feminine charm. Floral notes of all kinds dance together in this lavish blend; Pink Jasmine, Gardenia and Cyclamen combine to forge the aroma of your dreams. Bursts of Fir needle and Pink Grapefruit are enjoyed by those with an inquisitive nose.

Flower Box Home Fragrance is family owned and operated by Robin & Johnny in Perth, Western Australia.
Robin and Johnny have completed Perfumery and Candle Making courses in Grasse, France respectively.
Every Flower Box Home Fragrance product is created by hand in our Perth factory.

Remember we recommend replacing your diffuser reeds every 6 months to ensure optimal fragrance dispersion. With a Premium Diffuser Refill replenishment and a new set of reeds your Flower Box Home Fragrance diffuser will truly have a new lease on life!



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Naturally your Premium Diffuser Refill can be used in any way you see fit, however we recommend the below procedures to ensure your home gains the most from your Flower Box Home Fragrance product.
Hallmark Diffuser - we recommend replenishing your Hallmark Diffuser with Premium Diffuser Liquid every 4 - 6 months to ensure your chosen fragrance remains at its peak potency.
To replenish your Hallmark Diffuser simply pour 200-250mL Premium Diffuser Liquid (using the same fragrance that is in your Hallmark Diffuser) into your French decanter every 4 - 6 months. By perpetually replenishing your Hallmark Diffuser every 4 - 6 months one can ensure their chosen fragrance remains at peak potency for as long as they see fit...forever if need be!

Replensihing your Hallmark Diffuser can only be done with the same fragrance in which it began its fragrance journey. Mixing fragrances is a tricky business - the results are very rarely desirable.



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