Beautiful Inside And Out Charm

Designed to collect, inspire and share, Palas creates authentically handcrafted jewellery with personal meaning using words and symbols as gestures of love and inspiration.

Brass and silver charm with love heart, engraved 'You are beautiful inside and out...' An ideal gift for anyone to wear for daily positivity and love

Medium brass round charm with cut out love heart, sterling silver frame and the engraving 'You are beautiful inside and out...'
This handcrafted charm is the ideal piece to gift to a friend or loved one to wear as a daily affirmation of positivity and strength. The perfect present for the special people in your life who are so beautiful and may not always see that.
This sweet and sentimental charm will be a much-loved piece in their collection and always be worn close to their hearts as a celebration of your friendship and how much they mean to you.

Bracelets sold separately.


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Actual Size:

20mm Diameter


Sterling silver and brass


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